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At Woolwich Sand & Gravel, we provide much more than the materials to complete your project. We offer various excavation services in NJ, PA, and DE for residential and commercial properties. Our team is full of experienced and passionate professionals that have performed a variety of outdoor construction projects throughout the years. This has given them the knowledge on how to perform projects efficiently and correctly, saving you time, money, and a headache down the road.


Our excavation services in NJ, PA, and DE include:

• Excavation – We will prepare the site for the upcoming project. We use the appropriate equipment to dig holes, clear land, and more. If necessary, our team will perform excavation services in NJ, PA, and DE in accordance with your engineer's design. For smaller projects, such as digging a hole or removing a propane tank, we will efficiently get the job done.

• Grading – If your project requires us to even out the land, opt for our grading service. This is a process where our team will extract soil from high-points and distribute it to lower-points to create an even surface. Otherwise known as land leveling, this service is ideal for building new structures or agriculture.

• Hauling – At Woolwich Sand & Gravel, we have a fleet of trucks that will haul necessary material to and from the construction site.

• Land Clearing – Whether you need space to build a new structure or want to use the land for crops, our land clearing services have got you covered.

• Parking Lots – If your commercial building needs additional parking, take advantage of our parking lot installations. Our specialized fleet will deliver the necessary material and install the parking lot to your requests.

• Driveways – If your parking lot needs a touch-up, our driveway installation services can help you achieve the look you want. We have a wide range of materials to choose from and a skilled team to complete the project efficiently and accurately.

• Site Work – Our general site work ensures that your project is ready before construction starts.


• Irrigation Ponds – These ponds are a great way to ensure you have enough water to properly take care of your plants and crops. Our team will make sure the pond is sustainable for your needs.

• Horse Track – We have a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to horse tracks. Our options include sands, soils, and more.

• Septic Tank Installation – Septic tanks are an important piece in your plumbing and drainage system. We will provide materials and equipment necessary for the project. Then our team will install the system according to your engineers’ directions.

• Additional Services Available Upon Request

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